So you are looking to be a famous writer…blogger…well almost famous…well look no further…Okay so probably you won’t be famous, but you will get your work published and read by our readers.

Touchlineviews is always looking for quality content to appease our readers,  and you can become a member of our writing team.  So, if you are looking to write for an up-an-coming soccer/football blog, this could be a match made in football heaven. Please see our two writing options below.

If you are passionate about football/soccer, and is sure that you can create quality content to attract our readers…and keep them coming back for more (no experience necessary), contact us using the below form and you can be on your way to writing for

The Ultimate Soccer Experience

As football fans, we feel you know and understands what fans want to hear, and we know you want to share your passion with the rest of us fans.  We are looking for writers that can create quality content, no experience necessary.

Must be able to cover the English Premier League, La Liga (Spanish), Ligue 1 (French), Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, Brazil Serie A, and although not our main focus, MLS.  Also cover major tournaments, such as World Cup, Champions League, and others.

We are always looking for editorial writers; the goal is to create articles based on personal opinions, which will keep our readers engage and coming back for more great articles.  We also cover other topics off the pitch…the gossips, transfers, good behavior, naughty behavior.  We welcome great articles…on any topic.  Write For

Touchlineviews offers two ways of writing for us:

A Contributor (Almost Paid Writers)

We are always looking for writers; however, being a contributor is a non-paid postion–with the opportunity to be a paid writer at a later time–if we feel you provide quality content and meet our writing guidelines.  Please note, a contributor receives full credit for all published articles–no execptions.

Paid Writers

Please note that these positons are extremely limited.  As  a result, if you are applying for the paid writer positon, please be prepared to show us your prior experience in regards to writing for other soccer/football or sports blogs.  This includes articles written and published by you on this beautiful game of soccer. Of course, we only hire the best writers, and preference will be given to our contributors.

Why Should You Write For Us?

You should write for us for many reasons; these are just some of the reasons below.

  • Use articles as reference for paid gigs
  • The chance to work with an up-and-coming soccer/football blog (grow with us)
  • The chance to receive paid writing gigs
  • Published post emailed to subsribers and social media
  • Practice makes perfect (write as many articles as you like, on any topic you like)

Please complete the below contact form and someone on our team will contact you.  We look forward to a rewarding relationship.

Come join us, grow with us…all passionate football fans must be heard!

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