World’s Richest Soccer Players – Top Ten

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who are the Worlds’ Richest Soccer Players??

With close to 4 billion fans in the world, it is without a doubt that soccer is the biggest and most popular sport in the world. The only thing bigger than the beautiful game itself has to the be soccer players’ very healthier bank accounts. Their wealth stretches far beyond what we could ever wrap our heads around but just to give you a clue, we’ve compiled a list of the World’s Richest Soccer players:

1.  Cristiano Ronaldo- Estimated Net Worth $320 Million

No surprise that the one at the top of the list is, Cristiano Ronaldo.  Not only is he handsome, talented, confident, but he is one of the richest athletes in the world.  For most soccer lovers, Ronaldo is arguably one of the best soccer player–past and present.  His style of scoring goals, skills with the ball with full control is the main reason why he is considered to be the best in the world.  The Portuguese player now plays for Spanish team, Real Madrid.  With his salary and endorsements, he was #4 on Forbes’ “The World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities” and #1 on the “The World’s Highest Paid Athletes (2016) list.

2.  Lionel Messi- Estimated Net Worth $280 Million

Messi is proof that dynamite does indeed come in small packages. Considered to be a magician on the pitch with his out-of-this-world talent, he is arguably the best player in world—currently.  The captain of the Argentina national soccer team, he currently plays for FC Barcelona, he is proving to the world that he leads more than in just scoring goals; he is also scoring big bucks working with huge brands such as Samsung, Adidas, Gillette and Dolce& Gabbana.

3.  Neymar da Silva Santos Junior – Estimated Net Worth $148 Million

Member of the Brazilian National Soccer and FC Barcelona team. Not only is he known for his good looks, skills on the pitch, and his edgy style off the pitch, but this 1/3 of the formidable MSN trio is showing us that you can be young and successful. The estimation of his annual salary is around €8.8 million a year.

4.    Zlatan Ibrahimović – Estimated Net Worth $114 Million

The Man United and recently retired from international soccer superstar draws a hefty salary adding to his net worth along with smart investments and endorsement deals. According to reports, he owns a substantial amount of property and also has sponsorship deals with Nike, Nivea Men, Volvo and Xbox.  He recently joined Manchester United by signing a one-year deal in 2016. It’s safe to conclude that the only thing bigger than Zlatan’s bank account is his ego.

5.  Wayne Rooney – Estimated Net Worth $112 Million

The English National Team and Manchester United’s striker is the wealthiest player in the English Premier league.  In 2014 for his exceptional performance on the field, Manchester United gave him a contract worth $104 Million having reported that it offers £300,000 a week.

6.  Ricardo Kaka – Estimated Net Worth $108 Million

Kaka, considered by some a soccer legend, has banked over $100 million playing for giant clubs such as AC Milan, Real Madrid and Orlando City. He has also made a fortune by cashing in on endorsement deals with Adidas, Gillette, Armani, Samsung and Pepsi earning him the number six spot on our list.

7.  Samuel Eto’o – Estimated Net Worth $98 Million

Previously earning €10 million a year at Barcelona and €5 million at Chelsea, the striker from Cameroon, earned nearly half of his fortune by signing an massive contract from Anzhi.; additional endorsement deals include Puma and Ford.

8.  Raul Gonzalez Blanco – Estimated Net Worth $95 Million

After having his share of time with Real Madrid and earning over €7 million a year, Raul makes his money from his lucrative business ventures. He owns Scar Sports Europe, Luri that is a property company and Cadmus (an energy company).

9.  Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, or simply Ronaldinho – Estimated Net Worth $93 Million

A former member of FC Barcelona and the new ambassador,  Ronaldinho has been a star in the history of soccer with exceptional plays to remember. He earned a hefty €2.7 million a year in a recent stint with Atletico Mineiro.  Ronaldinho has had many endorsement deals during his soccer career, which includes Pepsi, Nike, and Gatorade–to name a few.

10.  Frank Lampard – Estimated Net Worth $90 Million

Rounding out our list of the World’s Richest Soccer Players – Top Ten.  Frank made a fortune of over €35 million playing for 13 years with Chelsea and 1 year with Manchester City. He currently plays with New York FC in the MLS.  Some of his endorsements includes brand giants, Nike, Pepsi, and Adidas


  1. Hello Kay, this is a very informative article. Thank you so much for putting it together for us! BTW, I had no idea that Samuel Eto’o had more money than Ronaldinho. However, it doesn’t really matter, I would love to have that kind of money some day. I actually didn’t think soccer players were paid so nicely. It looks like I need to take on a new career, haha.

    Once again, thanks for the great article!

    • Brandon,
      Yes new career indeed. Look at the top three highest paid though…I predict that they will remain in that spot for quite some time. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Wow the numbers on this page is ridiculous! I can’t believe sports players get paid this much…and for playing a sport that they obviously love! Sometimes I don’t mind that players get so much money, teams try to pay them alot so they stay with their team, which is fine because I have some favourite sports players and its always nice to know they will be coming back year to year and not sign with another team. The price is just crazy though!

    • Summerly,
      I do agree that the numbers is ridiculous! Although the players get paid well, they also make a large amount of money from endorsements and if they are smart, they would invest that money. Thanks for visiting our page.

  3. Interesting and informative. I had no idea that there were such highly paid people in the soccer game today. I guess part of that may be the it is not the most popular game in the US however that is slowly changing.

    Your site is well organized and you media is very well done. I congratulate you on your hard work.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Frank,
      I do hear this a lot not…many people are shocked that they make this much money. But something to consider, soccer/football is an international sport. Yes, it is getting to be more and more popular in the USA. Thanks for visiting our site.

  4. Wow, what dedication you have for the game of soccer as we call it down under. I am blown away with the amount of money these players are earning. I knew it was a lot, but I would not have guessed these vast amounts, just incredible really. No doubt they have the lifestyle that goes with it.

    • Rina,
      Yes indeed. They make a vast amount of money, and soccer players are quite young. As a matter of fact, it is said that the average soccer player reaches the peak of their career between 27-29. So a lot of the players are in their early 20s. Thank you for visiting our website. See you soon.

  5. Hi Kenisha,

    Thank you for your informative list. I honestly thought Messi would have been number one, then thinking on Ronaldo is the better look in front of the camera meaning he would get more advertising.
    I do wonder what they will do with all this money, although footballers career is very short but unless they misuse their money, these top earners are made for life.


    • John,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Ronaldo is the richest because of his endorsements and his investments. The man owns a hotel for Pete’s sake. But you are right, he is a pleasure to look at, but he is a damn good player as well. One of the best.

  6. I have to disagree with you. Messi is the best player in the world and many people believe that he is the best player of all time.

    But I can see why Cristiano has a higher net worth. Many commercials, eccentric personality, more success to women etc.

    However, on the transfermarkt Cristiano never had a higher current market value than Messi.

    As you can understand, I am a fan of Messi.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your post and I always look for interesting stats about soccer.

    • I can see that you are a fan, They are both great players.  There is no disputing that Messi is one the greatest footballers..Ever! Thanks for visiting.

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