Wayne Rooney Retires from the International Football


It is never easy when one of the best footballer player decides to retire.  We know that age is a factor, but who determined that players are “over the hill” when they are turn 40, or close to it?  What about experience?  But we get it, in football the body changes after 30, right?  Have to make room for the younger players.

So, here we are England’s all time leading scorer, and most recent legend announced this week that he is retiring from international football. Wayne Rooney will not represent the national English soccer team anymore and he now leaves his spot for future English footballers. “Every time I was selected was a real privilege but I believe now is the time to bow out,” said the 31-year-old, Everton striker during a press conference where he made the announcement right after turning down his most recent call up to the English squad that will face the World Cup qualifiers in the next round of the year. Wayne Rooney will now focus on playing for his current club Everton, where he returned this summer after a long bright spell at Manchester United. Rooney leaves the English national team after scoring 53 goals, and being named captain of the squad a total of 119 times, playing in three World Cups and three UEFA Euro Cups.
Wayne Rooney Retires from International Football

Is this a surprise that he would retire at this time?  Most of us fanatics probably expected it later than sooner…but maybe after Russia 2018 or even 2022.

Whatever his reasons for retiring at such a “young” age. I mean he is only 31, so I’m sure many fans are hoping to see his return on the National squad.  Many of us wouldn’t be surprise if he makes his return, but hopefully for World Cup 2018.  Either way, the Captain Rooney will be missed. Look on the bright side, we can still watch him play at Everton.

What do you think? Do you think he we will see Rooney in Russia on the pitch?  Let us a comment below.

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