Top Ten must Have Soccer Gear

Being a football fan is great but there is no better feeling than being on the pitch and playing the beautiful game yourself. Whether you are just starting out, a rookie player or you are serious football player,  one can’t deny that life really begins when you step onto the pinch.  There a tons of football gear out there but Touch Live Views bring you the top essential items that any respected footballer must own.

10.  World Footbag Soccer Hacky Sack


Starting with the basics, an item that every footballer must include in his gear is the traditional hacky sack, and priced as low as $4 and with the traditional black and white pattern everyone knows and loves, the World Footbag hacky is an item to own no questions asked. This itemt will allow you in a very simple and fun way to improve your juggling and control skills anywhere you are, even indoors. Not to mention it’s a great stress solution as well when you hold it in your hand.

9.  SKLZ Star-Kick Hands Free Solo Soccer Trainer

A solo trainer is something every player of the sport should own, specially at a grassroots level although advanced footballers can also benefit from one of these great items. One of the hardest things to achieve for players is proper kicking technique, and this can only be achieved through a lot of  repetition which can be quite difficult to achieve when you need to keep on running after the ball you kick. With a solo trainer like the SKLZ Star-Kick, that problem is solved and you can get 20, 30 or even 50 touches on the ball in one minute, allowing you to rapidly gain the technique needed to improve your passing and shooting.

8.  Speed Training Set – Agility Ladder, Jump Rope, Sport Cones

One of the most important aspects  to focus on as a football player are speed, coordination and agility. It’s simple, if you want to improve your game, you need to work hard at these three. This training set is at complete set that includes an agility ladder perfect to work on coordination and footwork; a jump rope to work on your speed and power during ropes and cones to make your own circuits to work on speed and changes in direction. In addition, this kit comes with a book full of ready to do exercises for a push towards the right direction.

7.  Sportneer Hexagonal Speed and Agility Training Aid Rings

These Hexagonal training rings are an even better option for your speed and agility training. Instead of a ladder, cones and a jump rope, you can get the same type and amount of training by only using these six rings. You can use them as hoola hoops for agility and footwork, substituting a speed ladder or set fold them and set them up as excellent substitute for cones. Their height folded up also sets them up as hurdles, so you can also use them also for strength training in substitution of what you can work on with a jump rope. The best part is that these rings are very practical, light and can be carried around everywhere with ease using the bag that comes with them.

6.  Golden Goal Target

Once you have your agility and training gear set up  worked on proper technique when hitting the ball using the above listed items on the list,  its time to invest in some gear to improve your shots. Buying a Golden Goal Target will allow you to do just that. Set up the target on any net, and work on your accuracy when shooting. Having a proper target as a reference to look at when shooting will help improve your shooting and passing accuracy, dramatically. As a suggestion, combine the hexagonal rings, rebounder and the golden goal target on a net for an all pro, completefootball circuit where you work on speed agility, passing, ball control and accurate finishing in one drill.

5.  Franklin Sports Adjustable Soccer Rebounder

Usually when working on ball control, coaches will ask players to use a wall to bounce the ball against it and then receive it. Well there’s a better way to practice your shooting skills, and that is using a Rebounder. You can work on passing and receiving, and the way the ball behaves and moves  once it’s coming back to you is more similar to a real game situation, than when using a free solo trainer. The best thing about the Franklin Rebounder compared to others is that you can adjust and choose for it to either pass the ball back to you on the ground or air, which allows you to also work on chest/head control,  airballs, and close range shots for goalkeepers.

4.  Trailblaze Pop Up Soccer Goals

Forget using rocks, backpacks or bottles for a pickup game of football. With these fold-able soccer goals that can be easily carried around everywhere, all you need is a couple of friends, a ball and you’re ready to get your game on whether on the street, grass or even the beach. The best part is that these Trailblaze soccer goals have a reflective strip that allows you to play even when the sun goes down and in low light situations. So now you have no excuse not to create a football pitch wherever you are.

3.  Adidas performance Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats

Out of all the different models of soccer cleats that are out there, the original soccer boots from Adidas all in black with white straps are still a solid choice to go with. Anyone that has played the game has worn a pair of these at least once in his life and for good reason. Despite the more modern approaches to the soccer boot, this model is still one of the best boots around due to their balance between feet protection and lightness. This boot has durability without sacrificing weight and your speed on the field…A tried and trusted classic…Try them out and see for yourself!

2.  Storelli Sports Body Shield Shin Guards

The next level of shin guards have arrived with the Storelli Sports Body shields. These are more than your regular soccer shin guards, they are full bottom leg guards that provide padding in areas usually not protected with regular shin guards, especially the ankles. A pair of these will provide you with the full protection you need when playing a serious game of football soccer. Not only that but these protectors fit like a sock, so you can forget about problematic straps, or them moving around like it happens with professional shin guards. And the best part is that they are very light, also not affecting your speed and agility in a negative way. Put them on and you’ll hardly notice they’re there.

 1.  Adidas Performance Finale Capitano Ball

With all that said, we know that there wouldn’t be any football without the ball and  this is arguably the best ball you can get in the market right now. The Adidas performance finale is the official ball that will be used on the UEFA Champions League Final with good reason. This is a machine stitched ball that has long durability, and has Butyl bladder technology that allows it to keep inflated with the right amount of air and pressure kick after kick after kick. It is not only one of the most accurate balls ever made but its design, a mixture of the traditional stars used for champions league balls and modern new metallic prints, make it quite nice and an amazing collectible.


Bonus mention: If you’re a goalie…

Adidas Ace Zones Pro Goalkeeper Gloves

Make the perfect save with these gloves that have everything to meet the standards for serious play of one of the most demanding football positions. The Ace Zones Pro provide excellent fit and grip as well as protection and comfort for goalkeepers.


Please let us know what you think about our list. Do you recommend anything?



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