Top Soccer Defenders of All Time


Soccer playing has become a favorite sport today. Football defenders though often forgotten they are a strong determinant of the outcome of the match.

The pride of any coach is to secure a stable and unbeatable defensive body. A solid defense system will go a long way in boosting the confidence of the goal keeper, a key attribute needed in football playing.

Although the strikers are mostly celebrated due to their strategic positioning some defender have defied the odds to make it from the back side of the field. Being excellent in rotations, avoiding scramble situations, constant proper communication and defending without fouling are some of the few parameters used to gauge the best soccer defenders.

Some of these men have managed to top this list and make it to the top five in the world history of the world.

1.Paolo Maldini Career life

Paolo Cesare Maldini was born on 26 June 1968. He is definitely the best defender of all time. Paolo Maldini is just a certified, proven and talented football legend. As a former player of Milan and the Italian National Team, he had 26 titles to his name. He retired at the age of 41 in the year 2009.


He played 904 games for Milan and made 126 appearances for the Italian national team. He played so well and even surpasses his mentor Franco Barresi. He won 23 trophies while in Milan football club. Watching Maldini play would be the best way to understand how great a player he was. Explaining in words would not be appropriate enough. His accomplishments are still unshaken. Even today looking at his great abilities one can still marvel.

2.Franz Beckenbauer

Carrer Life

He joined Bayern Munich in 1964 at the age of 19. They say football is made in Germany. It is no wonder for Franz Beckenbauer to shine in the soccer defense. Germany itself as a country has always enjoyed high stakes in the soccer arena. Franz is just the greatest player in the history Germany soccer. Retired at age 31 in the year 1977.


The three times defender of the great team, Bayern Munich led this celebrated club in three consecutive European victories. He appeared 103 times for West Germany and played three times in the FIFA World Cups. Interestingly, he lifted the world cup as a captain of West Germany and did the same in 1990 as the manager of the team. What a great success. He greatly redefined how the defense position is played by distinguishing himself a great ball sweeper. His high creativity in the game made him to even play as a midfielder.

3.Franco Baresi

Career life

Franco is a great faithful legend who maintained his stay in his club Milan for his entire football career of 20 years. As a leading defender, he not only intimidated but also neutralized any of the forwards that could approach him. He retired from soccer in 1997 at age 37.


He is highly remembered for donning a jersey bearing number six. He participated in 14 major championships. Baresi was captain of Milan for 15 good years. With the true spirit of a sportsman, he mentored the star, Paolo Maldini who equally did exemplary well.

4.Gaetano Scirea

All the way from Atalanta this reputable Italian player born in 1953 made his way to being a Juventus Legend. His main ability of expertly reading the game puts him ahead. He equally played for the Italian National team. He died in 1989 in a tragic road accident.


Scirea is one player who enjoyed the soccer game as more often than not he played with ease. His super playing style will remain in the memory of man even though he died at a tender age of 36. He won all the international trophies for the football clubs recognized by UEFA and FIFA. The Italian fans and the world at owing Scirea a lot of respect and honor.

5.Booby Moore

Career life

England finest comes in position five. He joined West Ham United as a senior player in 1958. He was a great man marker and could challenge some of the best forwards as Pele. He was a player who perfectly knew to tackle and even when to stay on his feet. He died in 1993.


As a classic defender, he led England in winning the 1966 World Cup. He captained West Ham United for 10 years. The talented player shined more but bagged few medals. He can just be said to be a special defender.


It is crystal clear that Europe is still a force to reckon in soccer defense. Italy, Germany, and England all European nations have produced the best cream. Even today the European clubs of Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are greatly celebrated.

From Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and to the Caribbean these clubs are adored. No wonder they even today they produced the best defenders. Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid. Gerald Pique of Barcelona and Mats Hummels of Bayern Munich are the leading defenders in the world.

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