Top 10 Best Female Goalkeepers in the world

Football or Soccer as some refer to it, is one of the most popular sports in the world.  This is one sport that is just as popular with the fellows, as it is with the ladies…arguably. Make no mistake, the girls bring the heat, just a much as the boys…if not better.  Of course, some may disagree…

One of the most important positions on the pitch is that of a goal keeper…if not THE most important.  The goalie has the reponsibility of defending the goal post…simply preventing the opposing team from scoring…sounds easy, right?  Well, if you have ever played this postion, you will know that it is quite difficult.  Just ask some of the best in world, David de Gea, Gianluigi Buffon, and Manuel Neuer…to name  few.

As mentioned before the goalkeeper position is one of the most important positions in the sport, one that makes a difference in the scoreboard, the game, and even the chance at winning the championship. Like you may have seen in our past article, Top 10 Best Goalkeepers in the world of Football, if you look at the goalkeeper role you’ll find legends and stars, all of them top athletes.  Just like their male couterparts, there are some bad ass female goalkeepers defending the goal post with a furocity that rivals that of the male goalkeepers.  They are just as intense, fierce, quick, and powerful as the men.

Dont take my word for it though…

Just take a look at the Top 10 Best Female Goalkeepers in the world.

10. Ashlyn Harris (USA)

Ashlyn Harris has participated in the 2015 Women’s World Cup as well as the Rio Olympics as a substitute meanwhile getting experience and learning from the best. Hope Solo. Now that Solo is out of the national squad she is finally having her chance to shine and so far she has not disappointed with some phenomenal performances. Not only has she shown an amazing ability to jump and great agility to be able to stop high complicated balls, but she also has great reflexes. Harris is known to stop almost impossible shots when players are no less than 3 steps in front of her. Inspite of Hope Solo’s recent leave from the team, the USA national team’s’ future looks bright with Ashlyn between the posts.

9. Cecilia Santiago (Mexico)

Cecilia Santiago is a goalkeeper that can put on a show. A goalkeeper that likes to play the box, that isn’t scared to come out of her posts and face strikers on a breakaway,  Santiago has shown to be quite fearless when it comes to stopping shots, preferring to go out at them than staying in her posts positioned waiting to make the save like a traditional goalie. But perhaps what surprises us the most, is her age and experience. At only 22 years of age, Cecilia already holds the record for being the only player in women’s soccer to be featured in four U-20 World Cups. She represented Mexico in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014. She is also the youngest female player to ever participate in a Women’s World Cup, by playing in the 2011 edition being only 16 years old

8. Stina Lykke Petersen (Denmark)

This Danish star is known to be a tough to beat goalkeeper when it comes to penalty shots.  She also has the ability to jump very high, which combined with her 5′ 8″ height makes her quite a wall between the posts. Stinas performances helped Denmark reach the semi-finals in the UEFA Women’s Euro Cup in 2013 as well danish club Brondby win 3 titles.

7.  Stephanie Labbe (Canada)

Stephanie Labbe has great positioning between the posts that allow her to make complicated saves seemingly easy. When a shot comes at Labbe she always appears to be at the right spot and the right time to make the save, a trademark of intelligent goalkeepers that know well how to play between the posts. Not only that, but she also is able to jump great heights to make saves at hard to reach high balls. Her acrobatics and solid goalkeeping helped the Canadian Women’s national team win a bronze medal in the Rio Olympics, after she had to step in for the injured Erin Mcleod.

6. Karen Bardsley (England)

The English goalkeeper born in California possesses not only some great reflexes but also great leadership. She is not only great at stopping shots from a short distance, but is also able to read plays well and organize her defenders accordingly. Her abilities have made her not only the starting goalkeeper for the English national team but also Great Britain’s squad that participated on the Rio Olympics. Shes also had success at a club level where she helped Manchester United win a continental cup in 2014.

 5.  Almuth Schult (Germany)

She is the goalkeeper for the German national team, and Vfl Wolfsburg. After the retirement of German legend Nadine Angerer, Schult has some big shoes to fill when she was called to start for the German squad at the Rio Olympics. Her 5’11” height and ability to reach high complicated shots and airballs probed that she was the right player for the job, helping the team win their first ever gold medal. She also was a key in winning of the UEFA Champions league in 2014 by Vfl Wolfsburg.

4.  Erin McLeod (Canada)

The Canadian legend is a goalkeeper that always seemed to be on the move. Never static on her goal line, Mcleod is one of those goalkeepers that always prefered to go out and grab the ball instead of staying in her position. This allowed her to make several saves that almost seemed impossible, winning  duels one on one against defenders, but also making some huge mistakes as well. Nevertheless Mcleods saves were always more that her mistakes, and through the years she became one of the best goalkeepers to play in women’s soccer. She has represented Canada in 3 World Cups and two Olympic games.

3.  Hedvig Lindah (Sweden)

Sweden gave people a lot to talk about during the Rio summer Olympics due to their great great success achieved by their great defending tactics. Behind the great Swedish wall during the tournament was a superb goalkeeper named Hedvig Lindah, crucial on the team’s successful Olympic Run. Not only were the Swedish team a hard team to score on, but they also had a very hard to score on goalkeeper in Lindah. The swedish captain was crucial in keeping the team alive making key saves during many crucial matches that eventually allowed them to win a silver medal. Her great reflexes and ability to play well positioned between her posts have also helped Sweden reach the third place of a women’s world cup during 2011.

2.  Sarah Bouhaddi (France)

Probably the female equivalent of Manuel Neuer, Bouhaddi not only shines due to her great reflexes, but also because of her ability to play off the goal line and with her feet. With Sarah Bouhaddi in the net it’s almost as if you’re watching an outfield player, more of a sweeper than a goalkeeper. She was named best goalkeeper in the world by the IFHHS in 2016, and has won the UEFA Champions league three times. She has been the starting goalkeeper for the French national team since 2011 representing her country as a starter in Olympic games and World cups. With all of her awards and abilities, perhaps the only reason she’s not number one on this list is exactly that because of her off the goal posts non traditional goalkeeping, she tends to receive more goals than her teams would like.

1. Hope Solo (USA)


The current record holder for more career clean sheets in women’s football for the USA. An authentic wall between the goalposts, strikers need to come up with something really special in order to beat her. Not only is her height a great asset (5ft 9in) that allows her to be completely dominant in air balls and be able to reach high complicated shots. But Solo also has great reflexes and agility, being able to make saves right at the line and make stops that might seem impossible. To add to her skills she is also a penalty shot stopper. This was highlighted during the 2011 World Cup quarter-final where the USA beat Brazil in a penalty shootout where Solo was key in gaining the victory. And with two Olympic gold medals, one world cup, and two Golden Gloves, it’s easy to see why Hope Solo is a living legend and the best female goalkeeper of the world.

Please tell us what you think about our list. Did we get it right? Please let us know; we look foward to your comments.


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