Three Hot MLS Wags

Becky G at the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards, Nokia Theater, Los Angeles, CA 04-25-15 David Edwards/ 818-249-4998

My love for soccer does not end with just the game or the players.  I want to know about their personal lives, their parents, place of birth, siblings, children—all the juicy details of their lives.  The best part is the player’s stats love lives.  Let’s face it, their love lives make them more interesting…admit it.  Although, I hate the very term WAGS. (Primarily, because it often follows an article of some soccer player’s wife in a bikini). I mean why can’t these women look like a regular woman?  I soon realized that soccer/football players = models…beautiful women.  As you can imagine, guys want to be with these dream women and other women wants to be them.  In the MLS, you will find some of the hottest soccer players, which means they have the hottest wives or girlfriends.  Here is three hot MLS Wags.  These woman are not only, beautiful, but they are talented as well.

Becky G

Significant Other: Sebastian LLetget of LA Galaxy

I love me some Becky G! Her music is extremely eclectic; she’s not married to any genre of music or demographic of fans…she’s the ultimate crossover. She raps, she does pop, and she does Latin. She sings in Spanish and English.    A few of her songs even have Spanish and English versions. She might get airplay on Radio Disney, but she is by no means exclusively a children-focused teeny-bopper.  She is also featured on Now That’s What I Call Music, Vol. 52, with her hit song Shower.  Don’t take my word for it, check out G Becky-Story of a lifetime. On top of being such an influential artist, she has also jumped over to the acting side of the entertainment industry, and she stars as the yellow Power Ranger on the upcoming Power Rangers movie. I was already a huge fan of Becky G, and her relationship with this hunk of a man aka ‘Da Boy only makes her that much cooler hotter. They are both gorgeous and have no business being together  compliments each other…or whatever…

Alex Morgan

Significant Other: Servando Carrasco of Orlando City

Obviously, Mrs. Morgan is a footballer herself, but she really means a lot to most females who is in love with this wonderful game. I don’t know if other’s share my experiences, but playing a sport such as soccer, young girls can be stereotyped. she is one of the top female soccer players in the world.  For more female soccer players check out Stars of Women’s Soccer (World Soccer Legends). I love Alex Morgan because she is unapologetically pretty and feminine, and she still kicks ass in the game. She’s someone that little girls can look up to, because she does not allow herself to be objectified. She’s not putting on a false pretense of being girly, and she is so confident in herself as both and athlete and a woman that she never gives off the vibe that the two must, for some strange reason, be mutually exclusive.  This princess got the Prince.

Sydney Leroux Dwyer

Significant Other: Dom Dwyer of Sporting Kansas City

Mrs. Dwyer is also one of my role models. She proves that it is possible to have kids, a handsome husband, and a career…and still kick ass.   Mom shaming is real! Sometimes people act like moms who have a career are putting their children on the back burner. On the other hand, there are some people who look down on mothers who choose to stay at home as if they are somehow failing their gender. Sydney Leroux Dwyer took time off of soccer to care for her child, but she did not leave soccer altogether. She has it all! She has a handsome husband and a lovely child, and she didn’t have to give up her soccer dreams to make her family happen. She is one talented chica…have you seen her man though??? She is one lucky gal.

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