The 10 best looking national kits of the 2016/2017 season

The 10 Best Looking National Kits of the 2016/2017 season

International soccer jerseys have come a long way, and gone are the days of those old-fashioned wool and cotton jerseys in favor of high technology, ultra-thin and advanced materials looking to optimize the athletic abilities of the world’s top footballers. But in the end, when in comes right down to it, all that matters is one thing: how good they look by accurately portraying a nation’s representative colors and culture. Here are the top 10 best looking international soccer kits of the past season:

10) Japan 2017 Home Kit

The Japanese National Jersey released this year comes in a traditional blue with a red v-neck highlight. But perhaps what separates it from the rest of the pack is the blue flames on the shoulders in an homage to the 1997 kit worn by this team with similiar patterns found on samurai armor. A fitting look for the nicknamed “samurai blue”.

9) Cameroon 2016 Home Kit

The Cameroon Jersey all in dark green with shoulder stripes in dark red and highlights in yellow, represents well the cultural colors of this African nation. The design by Puma is one of the nicest ones in years, making the kit faithful to the nation it represents without becoming too flashy, by correctly combining the colors in a pattern that makes this one of the best jerseys in the world.

8)Mexico 2016 Home Kit

The Mexican Kit goes back to its traditional roots by combining an all dark green jersey with white highlights, all white shorts and red socks, to make it not just accurately represent the colors of the nation’s flag but also quite classy and nice to look it.

7)Brazil 2016 Home Kit

Another kit that goes back to its traditional roots on this list. The new Brazilian Kit features the legendary yellow jersey with some nice highlights in green, making it true to its nickname the “verde-amarella” or “the green-yellow” mixed with blue shorts, and white socks, the minute opponents and fans a like see this combination of colors, one can only think of the legendary team that has graced the world with great soccer and has won the World Cup five times.

6)Argentina 2016 Away Kit

The Argentina Away Kit for this season is one of the best designs you can find on a uniform in recent years. The jersey is an all dark blue piece with two thin stripes on the bottom in white and light blue reminiscent of the country’s flag. A different approach to the traditional white and light blue striped jersey while still staying faithful to the Argentinian colors.

5)Italy Home 2017

A fan Favorite, the Italian Jersey has long been considered one of the nicest kits in the football world and this years is no different. A simple but elegant kit, with an all indigo blue jersey with light golden highlights combined with white shorts and blue socks, showing the old design rule that less is usually more. Fun fact: Italy wears blue in sporting events instead of their national red, green and white colors, in a tribute to the Italian Monarchy, the Royal House of Savoy whose official color was blue.

4)Brazil 2017 Alternate Kit

In a complete reinvention of the Brazilian National Kit, this special edition 2017 version looked for a new meaning of “verde-amarella” and combined an all dark metallic green with golden-yellow highlights. The result is one of the best kit designs seen in years, that looks modern and fresh, without straying off the country’s traditional colors.

3) Germany Home 2017

Another traditionally good-looking kit. The German White Jersey with small black and red highlights combined with black shorts has long been another favorite among soccer fans due to its simple yet refined and stylish design that can stand the test of time. This years version with the FIFA World Champion golden badge in the middle just makes it even better.

2) France 2016 Home Kit

The French Kit is a lighter blue than the one usually used, in both the jersey and the shorts. The shoulders are in a darker blue color that contrast well with the lighter color. All of the kits highlights including brand, crest and numbers are in white, and the socks come in an all dark red color to make this one very good-looking contrasting uniform that definitely represents the traditional and symbolic colors of this nation in a nice combination.

1) Japan 2016 Home Kit

Adidas looked for a redesign of the Japanese Kit that would make it represent not just the country’s national colors, but also their culture, and they nailed it with this 2016 Home kit for the national soccer team. This is an all black kit with the adidas white stripes on the sides running from the jersey all the way to the shorts, a blue thick degraded horizontal stripe in the middle, and a thin red horizontal stripe on top of that one. This kit doesn’t just like slick and sharp due to the side stripes but also stays faithful to the Japanese blue colors as well as adding a certain vibe of technology and modernity that is always present in Japan’s culture.

Which one is the best?  Do you have a favorite, please share with us.

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  1. Although Italy will always be the international squad I support, I must say that I am a really big fan of that Argentina kit. This post is getting me fired up for the next world cup, and its still a year away! Plus, I learned why Italy wears blue. Thanks for the info!

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