PSG Feminine and the Potentially Historic Season


Paris Saint-Germain Feminines, or PSG Women in English, is the French women’s professional club associated with the men’s club, Paris Saint Germain of Ligue 1.

PSG Feminines competes in Division 1 Feminine, the top flight of women’s professional soccer in France. The club is managed by head coach Patrice Lair. Currently, the club sits in second place of Division 1 Feminine. This season has been marked with thirteen victories and only three draws in league competition.

By far, one of the most impactful members of the squad is Delie Marie-Laure, a twenty-nine-year-old French forward. With sixteen matches played thus far into this season, she has already scored thirteen goals. Marie-Laure has been competing in Division 1 Feminine since 2005. She started her career with Clairefontaine and was later transferred to PSG for the 2007-2008 season. She subsequently left the club the following season for a lengthy stint with Montpellier. She made her return to PSG in 2013 and has called it home ever since. Her first season in the league marked the last time she would complete a season with a number of goals scored in the single digits. She has made huge contributions to every team she has played on. Her best season, as far as goals scored, was with Montpellier back in 2009-2010 when she scored twenty-eight goals. She had a close second twenty-six goal season with PSG in 2013-2014. With eighteen goals scored last season, she is not showing any signs of slowing down.


Things weren’t always so successful for PSG. In fact, the club’s first decade of existence can be described as having a rocky, slow start. The club was established in 1991 and immediately entered Division 1 Feminine. That season ended in relegation to Division 2, where the team would stay until 1994. After being promoted back to Division 1, the club ended that season dead last in the table and was relegated for a second time. PSG remained in Division 2 until 2001, when the club won the league and was promoted for a second time. The second time was the charm! The team finally found its footing in the top flight, and has remained in Division 1 since then.

This season certainly does not seem like the one to break the record since the team is holding strong in second place after sixteen matches played. Nevertheless, second place is a bit of a sore subject for this PSG Feminine. The club has finished second place to Lyon in every season since 2012. Right now, Lyon is at the top of the table with seven points separating it from PSG.

PSG has yet to win Divison 1, but, in addition to winning Divison 2, the club also proudly displays the 2009-2010 French Cup in its trophy cabinet.

Furthermore, the club is also in the midst of the Champions League season. The next stage of the competition has a two-leg home and away series against Bayern Munich in store. The two matches will be played on March 23 and March 29 respectively.

This season has the potential to be a historical one. The club is still in the running to win Division 1 Feminine and the UEFA Women’s Champions League. Winning either competition would be a first for the club.

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