Pes2018 review

PES2018 Review

Pro Evolution Soccer is back for its 17th installment, and it is already causing waves of excitement across the gaming universe. After a costly period of being dominated by FIFA, the game has picked up in the last few editions with noticeable improvements in the quality and experience of their gameplay. Indeed, Konami’s PES 2018 looks like a decent contender against EA’s FIFA 2018 for the most popular football sim in the world.

PES 2018 Versions

Published for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows, PES 2018 comes with stunning graphics that reveals an exciting prospect. There will not be any version for Nintendo Switch. In fact, there hasn’t been any since PES made its 2014 debut on the 3DS. However, the company has not shut out the idea completely, hinting a possible entrance in the future. That is one area where FIFA has an edge over PES, seeing that EA Sports have introduced a unique variation of their game for the new Nintendo console. On a positive note, PES 2018 boasts a bundle of new and exciting features, including Enhanced Visual Reality, improved Online Co-op, and a significant Master League Upgrade.

PES 2018 Licenses

Konami’s PES 2018 is conspicuously lacking the major licenses seen in FIFA 18. The good news is that they have once again partnered with Barcelona FC in an exclusive contract that extends to both player likeness and a number of stadiums. With the focus of the game being Barcelona, you can expect the Nou Camp and players such as Messi and Suarez to appear almost photo-realistically.
Pro Evolution Soccer has always had a difficult time with licenses, which might be a deal breaker for some fans. Some of the licenses listed on the small print at the back of the box are Japanese Football Association (JFA) and Arsenal Football Club. Considering that Arsenal is one of the few clubs that allowed Konami to immortalize their badges and kits in the 2017 edition, their inclusion is not that much of a surprise. The JFA, on the other hand, is a massive coup – especially since EA will not feature the Chinese Super League in FIFA 18.

Champions League

PES 2018 will have the benefit of holding exclusive rights to the Europa and UEFA Champions League. In fact, those who purchase copies of the game will have access to UEFA Champions League Match Attax. The collectible cards will come in boxed versions of the football simulation. According to Konami, the cards are limited and will only be available for a limited time. They will feature players and teams from 2017/18’s Champions League competition. Not bad for a Simulator that has been playing second fiddle for the better part of its career.

How to Pre-order PES 2018

The initial release date for PES 2018 is 12th September. Konami has maintained the same theme as the previous release and announced a unique “Barcelona Edition” for the new game! You can pre-order your own PES 2018 easily. Simply visit the official Xbox and PlayStation stores (or Steam for PC) online and purchase digital downloads of the regular or special Barcelona editions. The pre-ordered versions will feature Usain Bolt as a playable simulation!

You can also pre-order at for $39.99.

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