Messi vs CR7

CR7 vs Messi

Since the advent of soccer as a form of physical activity, leisure activity or as a career, the sport has evolved to become one of the most prevalent sports all over the world today.

In particular, we have seen various gifted soccer players, and some of them have gone on to set unbreakable records and to leave fans amazed as well.

Perhaps one of the most notable ones of them all is the Messi and CR7 debate that is considered to be a highly contentious issue.

Messi vs CR7

Messi is known for his pace, ball control, balance, scoring ability and vision in soccer.

Ronaldo is also known for his pace, ball control, strength and scoring ability as well.

Both can play as strikers or wingers, though Messi primarily operates on the left while Ronaldo operates on the right. More so, both players are considered to have reached the heights of their career with both players winning various accolades that any other player in history.

In fact, both players have claimed the Balon dor award over the last few years for their unshakable performances and form on the pitch.

Ronaldo has played for three teams over the course of his career including Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United and Real Madrid. However, Messi has features for the Barcelona team ever since he was 15 years old. While both of these players have gone on to achieve various career feats, none of them has been able to win the world cup.
One was born in South American, and the other in Europe…with Messi being born in Argentina and Ronaldo being born in Portugal. More so, both players are members of the Spanish La Liga.

Messi is sometimes considered as the best player in the world and regarded highly by many of the big names in the footballing world. In fact, he is the only player to have ever won the Balon dor award five times, four of which he won consecutively. In addition to this, he has also won for European Golden Shoes and a total of 29 trophies with Barcelona, such as eight La Liga League titles, five Copa del rays, and the four champions Leagues. Besides that, Messi also has the most assists in La Liga with a total of 137 assists and most goals in a calendar year with an average of 91 goals in a year.

Ronaldo is also a highly gifted player and is the only player believed to have reached to Messi`s level. In fact, he has won an average of 22 trophies over the span of his career with an average of four UEFA Champions Leagues, five La Liga titles and one UEFA championship. As one of the highly rated goal scorers, he holds the records for the most goals scored in the top five European soccer leagues and the champions league as well.

Final Thoughts

Taking all things into perspective, both players are highly talented individuals. While some people prefer one player to the other, one thing is apparent; and that is that both players have proven to be outstanding over the years. They have both won major titles with their clubs and the prestigious Balon dor Award.

Are you team Messi or Team Ronaldo?

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