There are plenty of underrated football players as far as their skills on the pitch but on this top 10 list, get to feast on footballers who are underrated as far as their good looks go.

It feels almighty wrong writing this considering that as women football lovers, we spend so much time proving to some naysayers that actually, our love for football stems from more than just the fine men who play the game so it feels a little counterproductive confessing such crushes (and immortalizing these feelings in writing). Nevertheless, let’s discuss the cherry on top of the beautiful game – the beautiful men!

Footballers tend to be downright gorgeous. It’s a fact of life, and it makes a lot of sense. You would also look like a supermodel if it was a requirement of your job to work out and eat right. When hot footballers are being discussed, the conversation often gets clogged with the same guys, like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy looking at Antoine Griezmann just as much as the next girl, but there is plenty of eye candy that we often goes unnoticed.

Allow me to enlighten you with my list of ten underappreciated hot footballers. The list is in no specific order.

1. Hulk
Team: Shanghai SIPG FC

Hulk is short and bulging with muscles. Maybe I just have a thing for short muscular guys, but I can’t be the only one who finds him ridiculously attractive.

2. Vanderlei
Team: Santos FC

Any grown man who can rock braces and still look good is certainly worthy of a million crushes. I’ll be the first to admit that Vanderlei isn’t necessarily photogenic, but you have to see him in motion. (Here’s a handy-dandy episode of Santos TV, including English captions, that shows him looking particularly handsome. The way he folds his legs, strokes his beard, and attempts to conceal his annoyance is just peak Vanderlei) He has such as swagger about him, and his cheekbones are so amazing. I’ve never thought any man’s cheekbones were good looking before, but Vanderlei has opened my eyes.

3. Gabriel Paulista
Team: Arsenal FC

Maybe he’s not the conventional good-looking guy, but he has that Dwayne Wayne-esque skinny boy charm. He also has a deep voice that is very attractive. (Here’s video evidence: )

4. David Alaba
Team: FC Bayern Munich

Plenty of soccer players have a chiseled physique, but David Alaba has that and a face that is very pleasant to look at. He also has a fashion sense that is well, sensible and stylish.

5. Harry Kane
Team: Tottenham Hotspurs

The media often pegs this talented footballer as a dumb jock, and that’s really a travesty. Imagine you’d never heard of Harry Kane before but he had a supporting role in a critically acclaimed movie. The first time you see him is when he’s walking down the red-carpet premiere of the movie donning a designer suit. When you take away all of the stereotypical baggage associated with his name, you can see that he’s quite the handsome devil.

6. Thiago Alcantara
Team: FC Bayern Munich

Thiago Alcantara has beautiful brown eyes. They are like pools of dark brown honey. He’s another short guy with muscles, which means he gets bonus points in my book.

7. Gary Lineker

Although Gary Lineker is retired, he certainly deserves inclusion in this list. I would have never considered Gary Lineker as crush worthy during his playing career, but he has aged like fine wine.

8. Sebastian Giovinco
Team: Toronto FC

His face. His face. His face. Need I say more? Yes! His celebration also exude just the right amount of confidence and charm to make him that much more gorgeous.

9. Brek Shea
Team: Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Break She has the classic blond, beach boy look. Coupled with those striking, icy eyes and that mischievous smirk of his, he has a distinctly beautiful look. In addition to being a footballer, he’s also an artist. Mr. Shea also gets plenty of style points because he’s not afraid to rock whatever. He’s been known to sport cornrows, pony tails, and cowboy hats, and he does it all with a confidence that makes it attractive even if it would have been hideous on anyone else. He certainly deserves more recognition.

10. Alison
Team: A.S. Roma

Perhaps, Alison is not touted as a hot soccer player because he’s not a well-known soccer player. Nevertheless, this talented goalie has eyes a girl could really get lost in, not to mention those huge arms he uses to make stellar saves.