Hottest Soccer Players in Conmebol

Hottest Players in CONMEBOL

CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers are underway.  Let’s take a little break from all of the serious action, let’s digress into a fun my favorite topic…men! Of all the footballers who will compete for their countries over the next few months, these are 10 of the Hottest Soccer Players in Conmebol.  These men are so hot…we couldn’t list them in any particular order.


Country: Brazil

Club: FC Barcelona

Neymar has it all. He has swag and an attitude.  He has adorable videos with his child (swoon). He has just enough muscles to be attractive without looking like a teenage mutant ninja turtle…that walk…those eyes…And best of all… He keeps us constantly entertained, changes his hair all the time…sometimes his hair is platinum blonde and at other times he has it close shaven or in an artsy cut…doesn’t matter hot! hot! hot!  Lately, he’s been letting his luscious curls grow out tough. It’s like he’s several different men.

James Rodriguez

Country: Colombia

Club: Real Madrid

It only takes two seconds of looking at this talented man to know he’s good looking, but he has a certain X Factor that distinguishes him from all the other good looking guys. Not only does he have an openness a vulnerbility about him, but he’s a talented footballer; a husband, and father (his daughter is adorable).  I know many of us wish to see James saying bye-bye to Real Madrid so that he can have more time on the pitch  get more playing time on the pitch at Real Madrid.  He came very close to leading Colombia to a World Cup back in 2014, but he has another talent. Just like another famous Colombia, his hips don’t lie. Here’s the video evidence:

Arturo Vidal

Country: Chile

Club: Bayern Munich

Arturo Vidal is a rugged man. He’s muscular but not in the usual footballer fashion. He has the kind of muscles that look like they’ve come from years of working hard. He has the kind of subtle muscles that farmers have. His body is swathed in tattoos that tell the story of his life, and his hair mohawk shows that he is confident a daring badass!  Tune in to the Bundesliga to see more of this hot and talented man.

Weverton Pereira da Silva

Country: Brazil

Club: Clube Atletico Paranaense

Weverton’s face looks like it was sculpted in marble by Michelangelo himself. His features are so beautifully symmetrical. His perfectly manicured beard gives him the look of a distinguished grown man. Coupled with those dark, dimensional brown eyes of his, Weverton is one gorgeous mutha guy!  How many Brazilians do we have on this list?

Oswaldo Vizcarrando

Country: Venezuela

Club: FC Nantes

Some men are made to seem more attractive than they are because of their facial hair or their hairstyle. Oswaldo Vizcarrando is not one of those men. Whether he’s rocking his long curly locks, going with a buzz cut, letting his beard grow freely, or sporting a clean shaven face, he remains incredibly handsome.

Mauricio Pinilla

Country: Chile

Club: Genoa CFC

This footballer has a chiseled body adorned with well-place tattoos. I wonder how many piercings?  He has just the right amount of facial hair to accentuate his naturally attractive features. He is also an incredibly exciting footballer. His goals always seem to come at the right moments to make him the subject of headlines. He’s an absolute pillar for his squad.

Edinson Cavani

Country: Uruguay

Club: PSG

There are a lot of attractive footballers, but only a select few of them remain attractive when actually playing soccer. Cavani’s muscles are absolutely awesome mesmerizing, and they are put on full display every time he hits the pitch. Why is Ecuador’s jersey is so fitted?  Am I the only one that noticed this?   When he scores a goal, the net literally rocks back and forth. Who else does that on a consistent basis? There is so much energy stored within his hamstrings!!! Speaking of energy, his goal celebrations are always so amazing phonomenal intense. A shooting star he is…pun intended.  He attacks every moment of every game with an intense level of unbridled passion, and he is a joy to watch.  He is the one and only…El Matodor…a force to be reckoned with–both international and Club play.

Paolo Guerro

Country: Peru

Club: Flamengo

If I must chose one of these men to be number one, Paolo Guerro would be in the top spot…not because he’s the most handsome, but there is just something about Mary Paolo.  His deep brown eyes pierce my heart soul. His hair remains in a constant state of perfect dishevelment and that barely there mustache perfectly accents his charming smirk smile…I am a sucker for tatoos…sometimes, he just stares into the camera and frowns smolders sexily. His passion for football and life is evident, and he excels in his role as the Peruvian Captain.

Ronald Vargas

Country: Venezuela

Club: AEK Athens FC

In all of his official team photos, Ronaldo Vargas has a signature smirk. It’s as if he was just challenged to make someone laugh without saying a word, and that coy smirk is the expression he always goes with. I love a man with a sense of humor, and he certainly seems to have one.

Enner Valencia

Country: Ecuador

Club: Everton FC

Enner Valencia is a textbook example of the description tall, dark, and handsome! He has a strikingly beautiful smile, and he’s incredible easy on the eyes.  The striker is a pleasure to watch on and off the pitch.

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