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Players Playing Women

Where there are rich, hot, muscular football players there are bound to be scandals. Juicy, cheating scandals. One is not sure whether these players take their job descriptions outside the pitch and end up putting them into practice by playing women, or if they think beyond moments of pleasure.  One thing we do know is that cheating is quite a common phenomenon in the football world. Not to excuse them, but without a strong sense of discipline in the world of fame and fortune, it’s almost inevitable to fall into temptation at some point. We are talking about world greats that women want and men want to be. And while these players live la vida loca, unfortunately it’s their significant others who have face humiliating scandals as a result of their partners’ treacherous ways.

From Ashly Cole, Ronaldo (the original) and Frank Ribbery, we have witnessed a fair share of infidelity scandals but brace yourself as Touch Line Views brings you some of the more memorable and shocking cheating scandals by football players you least expect but adore nonetheless.

David Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham. Power couple, beautiful children, famous more than the word itself and perfect relationship, right? Nah. Here, my beloved football fanatic, we seem to have a serial cheater on our hands. The former England national team Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder is hotter than an African summer, yes, but he also has a roving eye. He has been linked to his PA and even a call girl. Sure with what he is worth he did try to get an expert fixture in effort to sweep the claims under the carpet, but we all know that where there is smoke…there is sure to be fire and right now I’m a second away from calling the fire department.

Mesut Ozil

Still waters run very deep. Good guy on the pitch turns out to be quite scandals. Known for assisting his team memebers in scoring goals on the pitch, we guess that this Arsenal forward and German national decided to help himself this time around and cheat on girlfriend, Mandy Capistro, with former teammate, Christian Lell’s wife, Melanie Rickinger. There is a saying in South Africa that a partner’s cellphone is like an onion – touching it is bound to give you tears. We guess this is exactly what happened to Lell when he went through his wife’s phone and found out about his wife’s infidelity with the Gunner.

Mandy decided to hold on to her relationship with Ozil while Lell and Melanie called it quits. It was probably for the best because they seem to have had trust issues from way back when.

Wayne Rooney

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. Ok we are not sure about the last two but we do know that Wayne Rooney was once surrounded by a huge infidelity scandal involving wait for it…a prostitute! You think it does not get more scandalous than that? Ha! Wayne Rooney had sex with prostitute, Jennifer Thompson while his wife was pregnant? Unbelievable, right? Well, it turns out that this wasn’t the first time the English footballer had solicited the services of ladies of the night. Man United captain admitted to having sex with multiple prostitutes – including a 59 year old grandma whom he first met when he went to a massage parlour. You can lift your jaw from the ground now.

Thierry Henry

This one is just disappointing. In fact, Ive opted to play deliberately obtuse when it comes to former Arsenal and Barcelona striker. So you do know that Henry met his now ex-wife, Claire Merry, on that 2001 va-va-voom Renault ad. They married shortly after that and kept under the radar. Fast forward to about 6 years later and scandal breaks. Apparently, allegedly, his wife found some saucy and racy texts on his phone from some make-up artist. Unfortunately, or not, this one ended up in a very pricey divorce. But on the flip side, a girl stands a chance now, no?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Am I the only one sensing a pattern here – Man United, Real Madrid, Arsenal? Story for another day. Well, well, well…it turns out that the world’s best player is also the best at cheating. Ok, I’m exaggerating but it’s quite shocking for a do-gooder such as CR7 to be involved in such a scandal. I mean he pays his taxes and donates underwear sale profits to the needy so cheating is totally unexpected. The story goes, back in 2010, the Madrid striker got into quite a serious relationship with Russian Model, Irina Shayk. I guess he must have a thing for models because three years later, Brazilian model, Andressa Urach claim she and CR7 had hooked up 2 days before Real Madrid lost the Champions League semi-final match. Coincidence? Hmm. Subsequently, the couple split up because Irina was, well, just not about that life.

Personally, I’m very proud of the women that chose to walk away from this alleged cheating. One only wonders how those who stayed managed to cope with being cheated on. But the nature of relationships is very complicated and some have not only weathered the storm, but seem to have grown stronger because of these scandals.

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