Champions League- Round of 16 Rolls On

Round of 16 Rolls On

Barcelona’s thrilling comeback vs. PSG has been dominating so much of the Champions League news that one would not be blamed for assuming that the Round of 16 was over. However, there are still four clubs whose Champions League fates rests on the results of upcoming second leg matches. Read more about Champions League here.

Sevilla VS Leicester City

Sevilla will travel to England to play its second game against reigning Premiere League champions Leicester City. The first match ended 2-1 in favor of the Spanish club. Although Sevilla obviously has an advantage as far as goals, the small margin of the score line shows that neither team can be certain of advancement.

In the first match, Sevilla maintained control for most of the game. Leicester managed to attain a mere 32% of possession, and Sevilla made nine shots on target in comparison with Leicester’s four. Although Leicester has a home field advantage in the upcoming match, the club also has trouble on the home front. Mere weeks ago, the club separated from Claudio Ranieri, the well-loved manager who led the team in a Cinderella story of a title winning season. As the dust settled from that move, many fans are upset with certain players who have received blame for the sacking of Ranieri; despite the fact that Craig Shakespeare has been acting as manager, the club still has not made any official statements about who will run the club now or in the upcoming season.

Domestically, Leicester currently sits 15th in the Premiere League table. This predicament gives the club even more motivation to perform well in the Champions League. Although there are still several remaining weeks of the season, the likelihood of the club finishing in a Champions League qualifying position is slim. Sevilla, on the other hand, has been having a very successful domestic season. The club sits in third place, second only to Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Juventus VS Porto

Juventus (read more about Juventus here) and Porto will also battle to advance in the Champions League on Tuesday March, 14th. In the first leg of the competition, Juventus beat Porto 2-0 in Portugal. Now, Porto will travel to the San Siro stadium with hopes of recovering enough goals to surpass the competition.

Domestically, Porto is resting at the top of the Liga Portuguesa table two points ahead of the closest team, Benfica. Time will tell how long the team will remain at the top because Benfica has one game in hand over Porto. Juventus also sits comfortable atop its domestic table, the Italian Serie A, with one more game played than all but one club and eleven more points than its closest rivals. The game between the top Portuguese and Italian club is sure to be a battle of the best.

There are no more than two goals separating the clubs that will battle against each other this Tuesday. Of the four clubs, Leicester is doing the worst domestically, but, as noted earlier, the club also has the most motivation to perform well in this season’s edition of the Champions League.  As was clearly exemplified in the PSG vs. Barcelona match, no team can rest easy until the final whistle.

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