Blogger Recognition

Blogger Recognition Award

We are so excited to share with our readers that Touchlineviews recently received the Blogger Recognition Award from an awesome blogger, Mariah at Adulting for Millennials. We are expecting our platinum gold trophy in the mail…just kidding…this is not a real award, but it is still awesome to be recognized by a fellow blogger.  We put our heart and soul into this blog…so it’s nice to get the recognition.  Especially, from someone with such an amazing blog.   Mariah, thanks for picking us; now its our turn to pick 15 amazing blogs from all over the world to share with our readers.

Bloggers when accepting this award you must follow the seven rules below. Let’s have some fun with this and show our fellow bloggers some support.

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  2. Write an awesome post on your blog about the award…the easy part
  3. Tell us how your blog started
  4. Provide at least two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  5. The fun part, you must pick 15 bloggers to nominate
  6. You must comment on their blogs letting them know they have been nominated for this award
  7. Provide a link to your post

The start of Touch Line Views

We started Touch Line Views a few short months ago.  Two football fanatics, who are totally in love with this beautiful game decided to create a blog so that we can share with football fanatics all over the world…and here we are.

My Advice to New Bloggers

  1. If you are not passionate about a niche, don’t even think about starting a blog.  For example, if you love love love fashion, start a blog on that.
  2. Leverage product reviews

…without further are 15 awesome blogs that I insist you show some love…You will love it.

  •  Unearth the voyage is about travel, adventure and anything in between.  Bloggers Ron and Jess takes us on their many adventures all over the world.  The beautiful pictures on their blog will make you dig out your passport and start an adventure of your own.
  •  This blog has it all, beauty, food, décor, selfcare, and fashion.  Looking for motivation, happiness, positivity, then this is the blog for you.
  •   That girl cooks healthy is a healthy place to find gluten and diary free recipes.  This blog is packed with health recipes and some healthy Caribbean dishes that I’m sure you’ll love.  Enjoy!
  •  This blog spoke to me on so many levels.  If the tagline wasn’t catchy enough, the content kept me on the page reading everything.  Behavioral Health is something that most people won’t discuss.  This blog helps raise awareness through true story sharing.  Check out this blog and be sure to read the Lifestyle page…some real talk on this page.  Great job NanoQueen!
  •  So, I fell in love with this website instantly.  Go ahead go to the home page…Seriously the blog is so pretty.  Let’s talk content…this is an online diary covering a range of lifestyle topic, including beauty, fashion, and some creative writing.
  •  Tee Shares is a blog created just for sharing.  Sharing on what life has to offer, which includes experiences, knowledge, tips and tricks…all with the hope of making a difference in this world that we all share.
  •  Bebe Shamo, let’s just say that I love the feel-good vibe about this blog.  This blog covers travel and personal style. The blogger clearly is loving life to the fullness and enjoy traveling around the world…I see a pattern with me and travel blogs…think someone…the higher power is trying to tell me something. Be sure to check out this blog.
  •  I can tell you right now that Chaos & Comfort is a blog that I will visit quite often.  I am a mother of three and my life is chaos and comfort. I am a busy mom, a demanding full-time job and three kids…need I say more?  Trust me I need all the help I can get.  This blog touches on everything from parenting, chores, shopping, family time, and something dear to my heart, health and wellness.
  • Fun Mamma SA is blog created to educate, encourage, and inspire parents.  You can find many interesting topics on this blog…from reviews, party ideas, and my favorite crafts.
  •  If you love fashion, then you must check out this one.  On the kingdom Style, you’ll find runway inspired fashion…be sure to check it out.
  •  Another travel inspired blog…Meetngreetme offers social concierge services for travels (like us) by local people.  Providing services, which includes language, cultural differences, and safety.
  •  Le Chat Sur La Banquette is another lifestyle and travel blog. If you plan on visiting Paris or want to learn anything about this historic city, then be sure to check out the blog.
  •  Haak Nerd is the blog for you if you like crochet or is a little bit interested in learning.  Haak Nerd offers step by step instructions on some real interesting pieces.  So get out your needle and check it out.
  • Another lifestyle blog for you to check out.  On this blog, you will find tips and reviews on beauty and fashion.
  •  I for one, prefers blogs that encourages, motivates, and provides inspiration.  I believe we all need a little bit of inspiration and positivity in our lives…be sure to visit this one.

Let me know what you think about these blogs. We look forward to all your comments.


  1. Wow!! Thanks so much Kay! I’m so honored to be in the number! The Destiny Dive is less than 3 months old, so I’m so glad to know that it is touching and helping others already!!

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