MLS – The Growth of Major League Soccer

April 30, 2017 Kay 0

Embed from Getty Images The Growth of Major League Soccer Opinions of Major League Soccer (MLS), like many topics in soccer, are quite polarizing. In the eyes of many, the league is written off as […]

Soccer Streaming

The best place to watch Soccer

April 16, 2017 Kay 6

Soccer Streaming It’s no secret that more people than ever are cutting the cable cord. With the advent of devices such as the Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Chrome Stick, there are more ways to […]

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League Round of 8

April 10, 2017 Kay 0

Heavyweight showdowns as the UEFA Champions League Round of 8 approaches… Who will win… The UEFA Champions League, arguably the most important Club competition in the world, is reaching its climax as the quarter-finals are […]


Football Cheating Scandals

April 5, 2017 Ndumi 0

Where there are rich, hot, muscular football players there are bound to be scandals. Juicy, cheating scandals. One is not sure whether these players take their job descriptions outside the pitch and end up putting […]


Three Hot MLS Wags

April 3, 2017 Kay 0

My love for soccer does not end with just the game or the players.  I want to know about their personal lives, their parents, place of birth, siblings, children—all the juicy details of their lives.  […]